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About Us

Black Gold Productions is an all volunteer theatre group that traces its beginning to an acting workshop that was attended by some Aera Energy employees in 1999. The culmination of the workshop was a melodramatic play performed by six of the workshop attendees at the original Melodrama Theatre on China Grade Loop. That production raised $2,500 which was contributed to the Bakersfield Relay For Life. Every year since the original show, another play has been produced with the proceeds going to the Relay For Life. The organization was granted tax exempt 501(c)3 status in 2007 and, since the original  $2,500 contribution in 2000, the all volunteer theatre group has contributed over $490,000 to the Relay For Life and the Kern County Cancer Fund to support the fight against cancer.

This year the Black Gold Productions troupe will be performing another musical melodrama for your entertainment pleasure and continuing its fight against cancer by donating the proceeds to the Kern County Cancer Fund.